Other settings:

DJANGO_WYSIWYG_FLAVOR = 'yui'       # Default
DJANGO_WYSIWYG_FLAVOR = 'ckeditor'  # Requires you to also place the ckeditor files here:

The following editors are supported out of the box:

  • ckeditor - The CKEditor, formally known as FCKEditor.
  • redactor - The Redactor editor (requires a license).
  • tinymce - The TinyMCE editor, in simple mode.
  • tinymce_advanced - The TinyMCE editor with many more toolbar buttons.
  • yui - The YAHOO editor (the default)>
  • yui_advanced - The YAHOO editor with more toolbar buttons.

Media sources

When you use one of the editors, you need to make sure that the editor distributables are also located in your project. By default django-wysiwyg looks for a STATIC_URL/flavor folder. You can also install django-ckeditor or django-tinymce to have the CKEditor and TinyMCE distributables respectively. django-wysiwyg will automatically find their sources if they are mentioned in the INSTALLED_APPS.

It’s also possible to add new editors, see extending django-wysiwyg